Professional beach photographer

Beach Photographer

One of my favorite parts of family beach photography at sunrise or sunset is using the sun as an element of the photograph. You would think it would be easy to use the sunrise or sunset in photography, but it actually is one of the hardest parts of portrait work. When we first started our journey in professional photography, we quickly decided that this one element would set us apart from the growing crowd because it took craft. A craft that is not easily learned, and a craft that took years to truly develop into perfection. A craft that we love, and a craft that we embrace. Sure it would be a lot easier to use natural light and ignore the prettiest element on the beach at the twilight hour, but that is a compromise we refused to take. Thus we drag out all our heavy equipment through the deep sand, and we create art. Art which is hard to duplicate, and comparable to a oil painter's master rendition of life and world combined. This is a major part of our craft, and we are proud to share it with your family. Today's shot of the day is a perfect example of our craft, and we hope you take a minute to discover exactly what we have to offer. Our model was a lovely subject, and really enjoyed smile big for the camera. She knew what she was doing was not only fun, but also making a warm glow grow in her parents heart. Since it was their first family photo session since she was a baby, the memories are surely to become family heirlooms rather fast. Thanks guys for taking the time to discover the difference a session with a professional photographer can make. We hope you have a wonderful vacation. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for allowing us to be your beach photographer!