How would you describe your photography?

It is really, really, really good.

Do you edit images?

All images in your gallery will receive free standard image edits for color correctness and tone. Upgraded photoshop edit options are available at extra cost if needed. We are pros and try to make the picture perfect before the button is ever pushed, and not rely on heavy computer processing.

What to wear?

Keep it simple! Neutral tones look best. Stay away from pastels and bright colors. Let the scenery and beautiful sunset be your color. Also the beach can be windy. Clothing with lapels are not a good idea.

Why only sunrise or sunset?

We know those are not the best times for the little ones, but there is a major reason. The beach is a very bright setting and there is no shade. During bright times of the day, this makes it extremely hard to look at the camera without squinting your eyes. If sunrise/sunset does not work for you, make sure to check out our Island Boat Excursions for more of our lifestyle candid work.

How long are your sessions?

Our afternoon sessions can be up to one hour in length and start an hour before sunset for most of our session types. Large families do require a little bit more time. We can accommodate groups of almost any size at our sunset sessions, while our sunrise sessions are reserved only for small families, senior portraits, and couples session. Our sunrise sessions start a few minutes before sunrise and sometimes last an hour.

What about LOCATION?

This is something that we like to discuss over the phone. There are only a handful of beaches that we like to work at. We like our pictures perfect. Big ugly condos, people, and tents are a big no no in our backgrounds. When booking with us, please be prepared to drive 15 to 20 minutes to get to one of our pristine spots that are a little away from the beaten path! So please give us a call at (251) 968-2119 and let us fill you in on all the details!

What will my session cost?

Our pricing structure is very simple and depends on your group size and needs. Give us a call today and let's figure it out!

What about weather?

A full refund will be given if the weather does not cooperate and we are unable to accommodate you at another time during your stay. We are in a network of other professionals and will do everything we can to help you find another photographer during your stay. We do not like to see anyone go home empty handed, but understand weather does play a part in beach photography. Windy days are common and to be expected on the beach.

Please don't pay attention to weather forecast, our weather people like to drink margaritas and are always wrong!

What is your cancelation policy?

We understand that plans change and some things can come up. We just ask that you give us 72 hours notice so that we can rebook your spot. We do have a $50 cancellation fee if you cannot give us 72 hours notice.

Beach hair, don't care?

The beach can be a windy place. Think about that when fixing hair. Bobby Pins can be very helpful. Also, do not go wild with hairspray and products. It is better to have the hair blowing naturally than to have a big clump of hair flying in the wind.

Why should we pick Sun Shots?

  • We take amazing photographs!
  • We have over 39+ years of combined experience with family portraits.
  • Our pricing is simple, transparent, and of great value.
  • We use the best camera equipment available.
  • We are licensed to work in the area and have all necessary permits.
  • Sun Shots is extremely serious about the short and long-term safety of your photographs.
  • We understand the importance of family.
  • Our reputation is on the line every time we photograph a family. We therefore have a strong incentive to do an amazing job.
  • We are highly motivated and bring our "A GAME".
  • We love what we do, and want to share our art with your family!!!

If you still have questions, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.

Either Maggie or Ryan will be glad to answer all your questions!

p: (251) 968-2119