Beach photography by a professional in Perdido Key

Beach Photography in Perdido Key

One of my absolute favorite sessions is children's beach photography in Perdido Key. With sugar white sands and smiling baby faces, who could ask for a better backdrop and subject. Perdido Key is the spot. Unlike other little beach town's that have turned into tourist traps and overrun with congested traffic, the Key is still somewhat hidden from the developer's wallet as of now. Sure the condo's are popping up quicker than a chicken eating a biscuit. Luckily there are still spots you can get to on the beach where it seems as if you are on an island in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, they are in the process of paving the last little bit of paradise and the development will move here shortly, but for now, it is perfect. If you are looking for a vacation in paradise, Perdido Key is the spot.

We had the opportunity of working with this little angel on the Key last night. She sure was happy her folks found a little slice of paradise and we brought her a beach chair to sit in. She was having the time of her life on her vacation. Thanks, guys for taking the time to spend a little time in front of the camera with us. We really enjoyed working with you, and can't wait to see you guys on your next trip. Have a safe week and a great vacation adventure.

If your family is planning a trip to paradise before they pave it, we would love to spend a little time with you as well. We are positive we can help you remember every little detail of your trip, and we can't wait to share our finished art with your family. We are a husband and wife team and we have been working hard over the past fifteen years to develop our unique style. We would love to share it with you and provide your family with beach photography in Perdido Key. Give us a call today and we can go over all the details!!!