Professional candid beach photography

Candid Beach Photography

It seems that every other mom we talk to is looking for candid beach photography. Sure the posed stuff is great, but the special shots just look like they happened naturally. Whether it be a child picking up a seashell, or a family walking down the beach, candids aren't as easy as they appear. I will be the first to admit, even our candid work is somewhat posed. If our sessions were all day events, sure it would be easy to get tons of candids if we just followed the kids around, but in an hour session, candids normally don't just happen naturally. Sure our job would be super easy if we could just tell a child to act naturally so we could snap a few candids. In the real world on the beach, it just does not happen this way. So we strive to make them happen, and we don't settle for mediocre results. Whether it be an informal candid or a soft focus shot, we see the potential, and we as professional photographers must make the shot happen. Normally when we get the notion, the wheels on the bus start turning, and with a little team effort, great things happen on film. Notice I said team, one to man the camera and one to tame the hair, as I always say.

Our art stands out because we pay very close attention to the fine details. The beach is a tough environment to strive for perfect portraits, but with a little effort, the task is achievable. Our art is crafted, not stock, and with a little effort, we achieve balance. With moments in time passing quickly, what will you remember? My experience has taught me that the more effort we put into a session, the better the memories will become. So the question is not only what will you remember, but what will you cherish. With our art the answer is simple, you will remember every little detail, and the art will be something you cherish forever...