Onsite family beach portraits at Martinique

Family Beach Portraits at Martinique on the Gulf

One of my absolute favorite sessions is sunrise family beach portraits at Martinique on the Gulf. Martinique on the Gulf sits next to a vast wildlife refuge with many miles of uninterrupted dunes in the background. We don’t actually work on the wildlife refuge but are able to let it become the backdrop with the sunrise coming up through the dunes. Sometimes during the year, it rises like it did today through the dunes, and other times of the year, it rises over the water. Every single time we work there at sunrise, we capture breathtaking art like this from this mornings sunrise. All I can say is wow. The beauty of nature is just overwhelming sometimes.

On our big-little island, we have four distinct areas: Perdido Key, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan. Though Perdido Key is actually in Orange Beach, as is Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores, they are truly separate. Fort Morgan being the most unique. It has the least amount of development and in places is like stepping back in time fifty years. If you are looking to get away from the crowds and find empty beaches, Fort Morgan is the only spot for you. Sure there are plenty of vacation locations on the peninsula, but it is one of the few places left on the entire Gulf Coast where man hasn’t left that big of a mark. Mainly because half of the twenty plus mile peninsula is designated federal wildlife refuge. Fort Morgan lets the beauty of nature shine, and Martinique on the Gulf is the premier spot to lay your head in my opinion. It just has charm, from dream house style cottages to winding boardwalks over the dunes, if I had a choice of a vacation spot for my family, it would hands down be Martinique on the Gulf. Check them out and then call us to book your sunrise family beach portraits at Martinique on the Gulf!