Professional family beach pictures at the Turquoise Place condos

Family Portraits at the Turquoise Place

Being at the beach with your brothers must be a great experience. From riding the waves with your boogie boards to checking out the ladies in bikinis, vacation must be an amazing time for kids this age. I remember going to the beach as a child and I really enjoyed the experience. The smell of the salt air, the cool touch of the ocean water, and the warm beautiful sunshine are all deeply implanted into the childhood memories that I now hold so dear. That is one major reason we go all out with photography. Sure it would be easy to just show up and take some mediocre pictures which seem to be the norm in today's so-called professional photography digital age, but we just don't do that. We really love going over the top and only offering the best professional photography available. Sure it takes talent, but we stress the customer service side as well. Like the old saying goes, "If momma is happy, everyone is happy!" Well, we like smiles all around. With a group like the three fellows from last nights sunset, it is super easy. These three were the perfect gentleman and truly enjoyed working with us to make momma happy. Thanks, guys, have a great vacation, and try not to get too sunburned floating on your boogie board while glazing at those girls in bikinis!

If you are bringing the kids down to the beach this summer, we would love to talk to you about how we will go over the top for your family as well. Get in touch with us today and let us show you the difference a true professional photographer can make. We do have a few select openings left for this summer, so call us today. We would love to share our artwork with your family. We absolutely love family portraits at Turquoise Place.