Professional family vacation beach pictures

Family Vacation Beach Pictures

School's should make it mandatory with all summer reading list, that the vast majority of all summer reading must be done on vacation at the beach. Even if it means spending a few extra weeks at the beach to get the task done. At least that is what our sunset teenagers informed us last night. I completely agree with them too! What better place to plop down and read a book than at the beach with the sounds of the ocean in the background and the sun gently warming up your toes in the sand. I know I would enjoy a great book by the sea. These two seemed to be getting a ton of vitamin-sea, and their smiles sure showed it. They were just awesome to work with too! Thanks, girls for taking the time out of your vacation to spend a little time in front of the camera. We understand it is not as fun as reading a great novel, but we are positive your mom is gonna just love the results. Have a safe trip this week, and please enjoy the adventures of your summer reading books with also enjoying the lure of the beach.

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