Beach Photography in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores Beach Photography

We love presenting images to our clients that are uniquely different and truly represent who our clients are during our Gulf Shores beach photography sessions. This image from last nights sunset is no exception. It is actually a good representation of what we have termed the "Professional Selfie". From what we understand, in this digital iPhone age, most kids are well versed in the act of "SELFIE". We see it all the time, so a few years ago we decided to really work on making the perfect selfie shot, and integrating it into our beach photography sessions. What do you think? Is our shot of the day a perfect selfie shot? We sure do think so. A special thanks to our little superstar for bringing in the perfect side of the matter. We really had a ton of fun working with you and your mom last night. With the beach all to ourselves, beautiful overcast skies, and awesome spring beach weather, we just couldn't go wrong. We hope you two have a wonderful vacation with tons of time to relax and plenty of sand and salt water between your toes.

If your family is in need of some relaxation and sand in between your toes, please give us a call today. We would love to share a little information on how that is possible here along the beautiful Gulf Coast. We would also love to speak with you about your very own family portrait session, where we can help everyone with their very own professional selfie! Sure we cover all the traditional stuff, but why not make a professional beach session about fun too! Our rules are simple, they are all about fun. If everyone is having fun, then the smiles will be perfect and natural. With fun, everything else falls into place. We are all about fun Gulf Shores beach photography, and can't wait to work with your family. Give us a call today at (251) 968-2119!