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Sometimes you have to step outside the box when working with siblings. Sometimes it can be tough to ask two kids who have a love/hate type relationship to come together and make some awesome art for mom. When at home they can be at each other's necks about the simplest of things. Brother just can't be happy when sister is smiling, and vice versa. So how is it that we are always getting great shots with siblings this age? It is easy, we get them to relax their guard and ask them to team up together for an hour and work on a common goal. That goal is to make mom happy. It works like a charm too! Nothing better than a compliment from mom where she states, "Hey, it even looks like they like each other!" This just makes me just giggle every time.

Thankfully our two siblings from last nights sunset had absolutely no problem working together for the common good. They actually both rather enjoyed it, to be quite honest. Not only did the parents have a grin from ear to ear, but they also did too! It was a great time, and the images turned out to be really special. Special moments that will be cherished forever. Thanks guys for letting your guards down and having a great time during your Gulf Shores beach pictures. We understand that working with a professional photographer while on vacation is not exactly what kids would call fun, but we hope you walked away with a better idea of what family photography should all be about.

That is just how we like to rock it, and we are proud to offer our services to your family as well. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information. We are by appointment only, so please give us a call today.