Professional beach photographers in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores Family Photographers

We are the premier Gulf Shores family photographers and for a very good reason. For the past fifteen years, our craft has developed into a very unique style. Not only do our posed shots scream perfection, but our candid work also speaks volumes as well. The main reason is we create an environment for happy smiles to shine. Our sessions are fun, and we go the extra mile to make sure they are that way. When everyone is relaxed and happy, it shows. No way around it, when you have a child that would rather be doing something else, it will show up in the photograph. Needless to say, we have tons of experience and understand you need more than just one trick up your sleeve to make things go off without a hitch.

That is why we take professional beach photography to the next level. Settling for mediocre photography is just not in our vocabulary. If it is not worth hanging above your mantle, we don't think it is worth taking in the first place. Believe you me, we treat every single client like you are in our family, and we will let nothing get in our way of a successful session.

The equation is not simple, posed stuff is tough because everything must come together. The lighting must be spot on, and the body must be properly posed in a natural position. Neither is an easy task with little ones, not to mention the art of getting a natural smile. The candid stuff is just as tough. It is just not as easy as one might think. Chasing kids around with a camera is not a viable option, so even the candid work is somewhat posed. Also, the lighting in candid work takes master patience and knowledge, especially on our bright white sandy beaches where harsh sunlight rules the roost.

One thing is for certain, we don't take the task lightly. If you are looking for something that goes far beyond just a bunch of snapshots you could take with your iPhone, please get in touch. Our family beach photography is special, and we would love to share it with your family, whether it be through our candid work or more traditional posed portraits. We want to be your Gulf Shores family photographers!