Family portraits in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores Family Portraits

Are you looking forward to the dog days of summer and taking your Gulf Shores family portraits on the beach? When it is so hot in the middle of the country that you could fry an egg in the parking lot, we are almost positively for sure gonna be on the beach making art. What todo to stay cool you ask? That is a no brainer... You get on the phone and you book your family a visit to paradise. The breeze is always cool at the beach, and the water is just oh so right. Plus you get a break from the real world for a little while. It is a win win for the whole entire family. At least that is how we see it. We are no vacation expert, but we do live in paradise full time. Kinda like commercial of staying at a Holiday Inn express, laugh out loud. Go ahead pick up the phone, the family will not be disappointed, I promise.

Our little from last night's sunset session was surely all grins because her mom made a reservation for a little family beach vacation. Some much-needed family time and they all got to beat the heat with a cool ocean breeze and the beach as a backdrop. She sure seemed happy to have a little break from the rat race, though I am positive she takes it easy in just about everything she does in life. She was so fun to work with, so happy to work with us to get that perfect shot for mom, a true pleasure. Thanks a bunch, guys for taking the time to not only come on a family vacation to the beach but time to make some awesome family photography.

So what are you waiting for people? Family vacation awaits. Just pick up the phone and book your vacation already. While you are at it, don't forget to call us for your Gulf Shores family portraits while you are down. We would love to share our art with your family, and so as dad is going to say once we are finished, WIN WIN... You vacation awaits.