Senior Beach Portraits in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores Senior Beach Portraits

One of my absolute favorite type sessions is Gulf Shores senior beach portraits. I know I have said it a thousand times but here it goes again. These shots are so important for a kid. I mean they are the shots that are going to be what everyone else remembers them by. That is why we don't take senior beach portraits lightly. We throw every bit of our professional knowledge into these sessions because we want to rock them in every single way. I really feel it pays off too. The seniors always reflect with a huge grin on their face at the end of each session. They just know that we went above and beyond the call of duty and helped them achieve something unique and different from all their peers. I always like to imagine myself in their shoes, constantly asking myself the questions like, would I like this pose, or does the lighting look natural, are we getting enough trendy shots, are we getting too trendy, are the shots unique, are we making the posed shots look natural, etc, etc, etc...

A special thanks to our sunrise senior from this morning for bringing such a great attitude. Your genuine smile really made the art easy today. We just had to rush home and share this shot of the day with you, we just loved it. With such a soft focus on the background, you really popped and it looks great. Thanks again, and congrats on making it to SENIOR status. We hope you have a wonderful year this year and best of wishes in all your future endeavors.

If you have a teenager starting their senior year this year, it is not too late for senior portraits on the beach. We have a few select spots left, so get in touch with us today and go ahead and book a last minute mini vacation to the beach.