Sunset family photographer in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores Sunset Family Photography

How cute is our model from last night’s Gulf Shores sunset family photography session? Not only was she superstar cute, she had the best little personality. We had so much fun working with her and her family. Sessions like this make our job so much fun and we are so happy to share our art with such a superstar. This was her first trip to the beach but you could tell she already wants to move down to the island. The sugar white sands have a way of doing that and I could so understand why she was so in love with the beach. What a wonderful place to visit as a child. It must just be so overwhelming with all the senses heightened. It is wonderful that she now has some awesome art to hang on the wall and remember her first trip to the beach.

Art in today’s world has changed a bunch. We understand how cool and trendy it is to have neat images on your Facebook wall, but we also think it is very important to have traditional photographic art hanging on your walls in your home. This is an art that is slowing disappearing and it makes us super sad. Family portraits use to be a prized possession but in today’s hustle and bustle world, it seems to be more important to get likes on a Facebook page. Well, I am the first to say this is just wrong. We refuse to bow down to the corporate giant and we are steadily fighting the good fight to restore balance to mantels across America. Join our adventure to bring art to your walls and give us a call today. We have a few sessions still available and would love to let your family share in our art!