Professional beach photographers in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Leave Only Your Footprints

Over the past fifteen years, I have witnessed things on our beach that I am just not proud of. Over the years it has become a huge problem of people leaving tents, chairs, toys, etc. behind at night. Sure it is easier to pile everything up and let it await your return the next day, but easy doesn't equal right. What people don't realize is the impact of leaving it all behind. First off, if a storm comes in the middle of the night, chances are everything is simple swept into the Gulf. It is sad but true, it happens. Second, nesting turtles get stuck in the pile, or simply hit the pile, and turn around without leaving eggs behind. Without scratching heads, we as a community don't have to guess why turtles are disappearing quickly. It is a major problem, and thank goodness voices like ours have finally been heard, and the local municipalities are finally on board and making changes to how we treat our most precious resource.

Well, things are changing on our little island. There is a new initiative called "Leave Only Your Footprints", and we are all on board. You should take everything you brought with you to the beach when you leave for the day. Leave nothing behind. Not only does it make for better beaches, but it also protects our environment. This also means cigarette butts. Just because there is sand in ashtrays, and sand on the beach, it doesn't make the beach an astray. So leave only your footprints, and no butts behind...

A beach is a beautiful place and we only want what is best for it. We think generations to come to deserve to have the same experience as us. So please take the time to leave the beach better than you found it. If you see litter, pick it up, we promise Mother Ocean will thank you for it.