Professional Perdido Key Family Portraits

Perdido Key Family Portraits

On any given day on the beach, you will find us dragging around our beach cart with our studio strobe in tow. See on the beach most days just don't allow for so-called natural light photography. On a bright and sunny day, there is just too much of a contrast between subject and sky, which leads to blown out backgrounds. Perhaps only five days a year are we lucky enough to have perfect lighting. Those days are usually when it is extremely overcast, and best on the edges of storms. Well, this morning we were lucky. With pop up thunderstorms in the area, we not only managed to dance around the rain, but we were blessed with perfect lighting. Oh, how sweet it was too. I was in photographer's heaven... The background colors were lush and vibrant, and the subjects were all smiles. Thanks, guys for giving us a call. We really enjoyed our session with you three at this mornings sunrise. The shots are turning out perfect, and can't wait for you to see them all. Did I mention how much I love perfect light!!!

Are you planning a trip to Perdido Key this summer? If you are, we would love to speak with you about your very own session with Sun Shots photography. Hopefully, your session will luck out like this mornings, and get perfect natural light. I know its strange, but it is similar to the luck of the bride when it rains on her wedding day. If it is bright and sunny though, not to worry, we are very well versed in the art of bare bulb photography and can make any lighting situation work to our advantage. So, don't delay, give us a call today and let us schedule your very own beach photography session. You can reach us anytime at (251) 968-2119. We look forward to being the professionals that take your Perdido Key family portraits...