Family Vacation in Perdido Key

Perdido Key Family Vacation

I absolutely love this time of year, it is just perfect for a Perdido Key family vacation. Late summer is in the air and the busy summer season is behind us now, and the beach is absolutely amazing. The water is crystal clear and the shore line is pristine. If we didn't live in paradise, this would definitely be the time I would want to visit. Our awesome family from last night's sunset session was sure having a great time. With a week off from work, who wouldn't be, RIGHT? I normally ask our groups what was their favorite part of their vacation so far, and without missing a beat, one dad offered up not having to go to work this morning. Normally we get responses from the kids like the beach, or the parasailing, but even the kids agreed a little time off was exactly what they all needed. In my mind that is exactly what everyone needs. Surely that is exactly what you need too. When was the last time you spent a week at the beach with your family? Isn't it about time you got everyones toes a little sandy? What are you waiting for, book that vacation today.

Our little man from last night's sunset session was all about getting his toes sandy. Though he wasn't exactly keen on getting it anywhere else, he had no problem with a little fun on the beach. He didn't even realize what the main goal of the afternoon was, and was none the wiser. I am so glad we had the opportunity to work with them, and am absolutely positive they not only accomplished their goal of a Perdido Key family vacation, but will now take home some awesome memories of their trip via our professional photography. I hear all the time photographers saying their passion is photography. Well I have to beg to differ when it comes to us, our passion is making happy memories last forever. We are all about the experience, not shutter speeds and aperture settings. The technical side is something we spent decades learning, yet it is the fun we immerse ourselves in every single session. That is what makes our work shine. So don't delay book that trip and lets have a little fun together.