Professional portraits in Perdido Key

Perdido Key Portraits

Has this warm fall got you dreaming of Perdido Key portraits and a beach of vacation? The weather is still perfect down here, most days it has been in the upper eighties. For the most part, the grumpy old snowbirds have yet to arrive, so hurry before they get here. A huge thanks to our little cutie from last nights sunset session for finding so many awesome seashells. We really had a lot of fun finding that perfect treasure to be taken home. Boy did she find some good ones too! Shells are plenty this time of year. As soon as the snowbirds arrive though, the shelling drops off the maps. Those little old ladies are on a mission to find every last shell on the beach. I am just positive that between shells and macaroni, the crafts fairs will never be the same. Thank goodness we always have a ton of shells, else half of the children in Michigan would have nothing to open for presents on Christmas morning... LOL

Not to worry though, the snowbirds usually don't arrive until after Christmas. So get the kids together and hurry up for one last quick trip to the beach. The weather is supposed to be perfect for the next week so time is of the essence. Don't forget to give us a call and let us help out with your perfect family photo opportunity. With over twenty-five years professional beach photography experience, we are here to help, even if a stray snowbird tries to get in the way of that perfect shell. We are properly trained in snowbird defense techniques, enough so they normally come right up to us and give us salt and pepper shakers they have swiped from the local tourist trap.

So call us today, we look forward to seeing some happy faces on the beach this week!