Professional portraits in Perdido Key

Perdido Key Senior Portraits

When it comes to Perdido Key Senior Portraits, you can go a few different paths. You can go the find a photographer on Facebook and hope and pray, or you can check out our work and know that you are in a professionals hands and everything is gonna turn out just as you had imagined it would. We highly suggest the latter, especially considering how important senior portraits are. Trusting these images to a skilled professional is very very important. Sure anyone with a digital camera these days can take a picture, but making that picture awesome is not exactly an easy thing. If you miss one step in the artistic creation project, the whole mission is shot. Lots of people nowadays think you can show up with a camera, take peoples money, and the rest will take care of itself. This is so not true and mostly to blame for why the professional photography industry is currently in such turmoil.

There are many different aspects outside of just showing up with a camera and pushing the button. Posing, lighting, correct exposure, attitude, scheduling, etc., the list just goes on and on. Out of two hundred plus people that call themselves professional in our area alone, I know of only four that actually have and use this thing called a light meter. One piece of equipment that is crucial for the process and less than .5% of the photographers in our area have one. To me, this is a problem. Good for us because it helps our work stand out, but bad for the profession as a whole because nowadays you don't even have to be professional to be a professional. This is why it is crucial you check out who you are working with. Ask questions, make sure they are members of the Professional Photographers of America, make sure they can deliver what you are looking for. Whether you use us or not, a little background work on your part can really affect the outcome of your art that is going to hang on your walls. If you do have a bad experience with a so-called photographer, make sure you review them so others can know as well.