Sunset Portrait in Perdido Key

Perdido Key Sunset Portraits

When clients come see us we make sure to stress that our Perdido Key sunset portraits are all about "FUN". When a child is engaged in having a great time, the smiles come through naturally. Sure we bring puppets and a whole lot of energy, but nothing beats a natural smile. This same philosophy applies to parents and grands alike. We understand portraits are not exactly what a child would want todo on vacation, heck parents too for that matter. So we set out to make the session something they would want todo. It is funny that at the ends of the sessions, most dads who were reluctant at the beginning actually do not want to leave the beach when we are finished. Our trick is simple, we have fun.

A special thanks to our great group from last night's sunset session for showing up and having a little fun. We really enjoyed meeting you guys, and glad we got to make some art together. Have a safe trip this week, and don't forget to heed the warnings of the red flags when the waves start getting rough today. It was a pleasure making your acquaintance and can't wait to work with you again on your next beach vacation.

If your group is planning on heading to the beach this summer, we would love to schedule a session with you as well. We promise to make it all about fun, and we are positive we can help you create some cherished art as well. From start to finish, we are the artist that will help guide the brush the whole way. We have dedicated our lives to helping families just like you create family heirlooms, and our experience helps us deliver at each and every session. So what are you waiting for, call us today, and let us create some memorable Perdido Key sunset portraits...