Family Beach Portraits

Professional Family Beach Portrait Photography

Sun Shots specializes in professional family beach portrait photography, and we have a passion for making art that stands out above the rest of the crowd. Time, location, experience, and the right equipment all goes into making a perfect beach portrait session go off without a hitch. It takes two of us to make your our art, and we stress perfection. We do not go out and take snapshots rather undertake the task of professional portraits. This is no easy task, but our fifteen plus years of working together on the beach plays a major role in our ability to always capture art that will stand the test of time.

Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject(s) by using effective lighting, beautiful natural backgrounds, and proper poses. A great portraiture in photography is also artistic. In today's me generation, you can find a sea of people claiming to be photographers, but very very few that are actual true professional portrait photographers. Far too many rely on their camera to make the picture and don't take the proper steps to make sure perfect balance is achieved. The merely set their camera to the "P" for professional mode and snap away.

We take our job seriously and we are able to deliver whether it is a sunny out or overcast. Our art stands above the crowd because we can let the colors of the sunset or sunrise shine through, and our skies are always blue! We feel that the environment is the reason for the beach portraits, and we don't like leaving out major details, especially the color. Take a minute to preview our work at our site: Professional Family Beach Portrait Photography and give us a call to book your very own family portrait session!