Family Portraits in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Professional Family Portraits

Happy babies are so much fun during our sessions for professional family portraits. Not only are their smiles contagious, but their happy little attitudes are also too! This little guy was such a blessing to be around. Not saying I was having a bad day or anything, but with the heat of August, it wasn't exactly a jump up and down and run around the yard kinda day. Well, that changed instantly the first minute we meet this little booger. I mean he turned both of our frowns upside down. We were so cute with his perm-a-grin, we just couldn't resist letting our guard down and have a little fun while we got to know this little guy. By the end of the session, my side actually hurt from laughing so hard, and I didn't even care you could almost fry an egg on the sand an hour earlier. Though the sunset did bring some cool refreshing winds which were much needed after one of probably the absolute hottest days of the year. This my friend, is why I love professional family portraits so much. Once our sessions start, we have not a care in the world. We focus on the task at hand and help tell our clients family beach vacation story.

For the past fifteen years, we have dedicated our lives to our craft. We endure because we care so much. It is not exactly easy showing up to work every afternoon and being trusted to make every client a whole swatch of family heirlooms. This is a task we love shoring up too though. Weather permitting, we bring the experience and the knowledge to do so. No matter if its a cloudy day, overcast, windy, or even snowing, we get the job done each and every time. Well okay, it has only snowed here once in the past twenty years, and that day we skipped the beach, so maybe not snow days, LOL! We love to share our art and hope you find the time to let us share it. We have a spot in the sand just for you, so please give us a call today!