Professional senior beach portraits

Senior Beach Portraits

One of my absolute favorite sessions is Senior Beach Portraits. I am just crazy about senior sessions on the beach. These sessions are very special to us because we love rocking them. Senior portrait sessions are not something to be taken lightly. These images can truly shape a teenager's whole life and make a big impact on how they are remembered by their classmates. That sounds a little funny, but think of it this way, fifty years from now when a classmate is trying to refresh memories on who is who, the first thing they pull out is the old conglomerate yearbook. When they get to the best picture in the book, and they are like "Oh I remember her, she had these awesome senior pictures at the beach while my images were done in a cornfield and by the old barn!" Instant memory overload of who the refresher course was all about. Having the best senior shots is crucial. Sure we might be overstating just a bit, but hey, it could happen. That's just one of the many reasons why we place effort and thought into our senior sessions. We want every single one of our seniors to shine, and we want every shot to truly represent who they are. That and we really love flooding Pinterest with all our great work so the world can mimic. To us, that is very flattering. Today's shot of the day is no different. It is a pose we coined many years ago, and now is one of our top pins on Pinterest. Enough so that our senior from yesterdays sunset pinned it, and asked if we could mimic it. Of course, we said, we don't even have to mimic, we dreamed that pose up many years ago. I just can't tell you how flattered I was when she asked for this shot.