Professional Senior Beach Portraits

Senior Portraits

What an awesome sunrise photography session this morning. I just love senior portraits! Excuse me but I am gonna say that again. I just love senior portraits!!! Especially during the middle of the summer when we wake up early and the air has a cold touch to it. It just makes for a great beginning to an awesome summer day. This morning's sunrise session was perfect. The skies were clear, and the air was even a bit chilly for just a little while. Very odd for this time of year, but perfectly refreshing and gladly welcomed considering the heat wave we have been experiencing. Our subject was a perfect model too, and very happy to help us get the exact shots she had dreamed upon for many months now. That is what I love about senior portrait sessions.

These kids now days have a digital advantage in compiling the shots that they want to mimic. The show up with a file that has them all listed, we look at them and add our own touch. It is that simple. With over twenty-five years combined professional photography beach experience in senior portraits, we have the skill set to not only create our own beautiful artwork, but we also find it easy to mimic what others have done as well. Of course, we add our own style, but the seniors get to add a little input on which direction they want the shoot to go. With any craft, it is crucial to constantly evolve to stay current with the times. What we considering cool ten years ago, just isn't cool now. Ten years ago we would have never even thought to do a selfie shot. Now just about every session gets a professional selfie, who would have knew!!! So hats off to our senior from this morning, good luck in all your future endeavors!