Professional senior class pictures in Orange Beach, Alabama

Senior Portraits in Orange Beach

One of my favorite type of session is senior portraits in Orange Beach. I mean I love senior portrait sessions. Every senior session is different, yet all are equally important. We are handed the task of creating art that goes above and beyond the average shot in the yearbook. We are tasked with creating a piece of art that can literally shape what people remember the senior by. Fifty years from now when the dust is wiped off the old yearbook and someone is taking a trip down memory lane, our art is what is going to be a reminder of exactly who that senior was. We are not talking about snapshots, which seem to be a norm in the photography industry nowadays, we are talking about painting pictures with film.

Take last night's senior session for a sample. We photographed her brother last summer and this year she was on deck. We know how important these shots were to her, so we picked the best location down here, and set out to make art. That we did, I am positive she is going to have the best shots in the whole yearbook. We did not rush the session, and we made sure we got it right. That meant dragging all of our equipment all over the beach, and I am not just talking about a camera with a pop-up flash. We take the job of being a professional photographer seriously, and love going overboard. Why? That is easy, I have never had a senior complaint about us doing too good of a job. It is a great feeling knowing that shots that are so important are just that, IMPORTANT. That is why we spare no expense in making our Senior Portraits Orange Beach so special. So call us today, and let us show you the proof is in the photographs.