Sunset Memories and Photographs while on Vacation

Vacation Sunset Memories

You have successfully managed to find yourself on vacation! CONGRATULATIONS, you have made it to the edge. The schedule is packed for the rest of the week with all kinds of fun activities. You even managed to book with a vacation babysitter for tomorrow night and for the first time in six months you will have a true kid-free date night planned. You understand your week will be filled with happy days jumping waves with the kids and building sand castles to their heart's content. This week is going to be relaxing and you are going to re-energize.

WAIT!!! Just as the first day of vacation is about to fade away, you panic with a glance outside the balcony door and realize you forgot to schedule one very important thing. Not to worry, you have a brief moment of clarity and realize somethings can't be scheduled and when they pop up you must just stand still, even if just for a brief second. You rally the troops and you demand them to point their feet south and start marching in that direction. As if following a magical flute, you quickly find yourself standing with your family in awe at the water's edge. Hand in hand with the ones you truly love. The sunset in front of you is absolutely breathtaking. Though the light is fading fast you find yourself in a perfect place.

The days will go by like clockwork. Weeks quickly turn into months, and months into years, yet it is moments like this that will over time matter the most to you. You found this moment as a family and it is yours together forever. Our journey through life is quick and fast unless we slow down enough to feel the sand between our toes and absorb the warm fading light on our cheeks. This is what vacation is all about! Enjoy the rest of your sunset dream…